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Coating Of Concrete, Stone &Amp; Granite Products It is becoming increasingly popular to build roads, roundabouts, pedestrian precincts, car-parks, drives and pavements using block paving products, and there are many instances in which it is desirable to provide such block paving with a specialised coloured top surface and finish. You have all seen the Black and White chevron roundabouts, where black (Anti-Slip) and white (Reflective) painted concrete block paving is used on the contour of the roundabout to produce the desired effect. MSS have developed the technology and process (concrete coating Leeds) for effectively and efficiently powder coating concrete, stone and granite blocks and products that are used in block paving, flagging etc.

These new colour-top coatings and finishes are setting new high standards for durability and safety as a result of the specially developed coating process, which effects a permanent block/paint bond that is usually stronger than the substrate itself. The coating encapsulates special grit or glass bead filler to further enhance service life, and provide an excellent skid resistance or reflectivity finish.

MSS provide the following surface finishes:

Reflective - For traffic management applications such as roundabout chevrons installations and white lining. These incorporate a bonded layer of special glass beads, so as to provide maximum reflective qualities under night-time conditions.

Anti-Slip - For pedestrian and traffic management applications such as precincts and roads. The paint coating encapsulates a special grit filler to provide enhanced service life and excellent skid resistance.

Plain Colour Top - For those applications where contact with pedestrians or traffic is not applicable

All solid colours are available.

The finished coatings have been tested, and passed for adhesion, wear, Colour Fast and Light Fast qualities, using the government procedure and standards. MSS have spent time and money purposely designing and installing a production line, which is capable of producing approximately 350 square meters a week and could be easily increased if a shift pattern was employed.

Airport runways, pedestrian precincts, tramways, London Red Routes, Eureka museum for children at Halifax and roundabout chevrons are only a few examples of where these blocks have been used.
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