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Picture Paving Wherever you walk, ride a bike, drive a car, push a wheelchair or perhaps even play hop-scotch, you see it. In fact you can't miss it!

PAVING - You're on it or near it!!!
In every city, town and village throughout the country you will find it. Miles and miles of it! And yet, apart from walking, riding, driving or perambulating on it, it could be put to another good use.

That's what our "PICTURE PAVING" is all about.

The principles and techniques also apply to plaques, signs, inscriptions and logos, which are used on side of roads, buildings, gateposts and even park benches, in fact almost everywhere and anywhere. Our service/product is something akin to "SIGNWRITING", but in concrete, stone, slate, brick or clay, and can be used for a host of applications including direction indicators, street/town names, tactile signs for visually impaired, signs for the disabled, cycleway signs, building name plaques, foundation stones, coats of arms, monumental plaques, company advertising and logos, the list is both endless and to your own imagination.

Stone and ceramic masonry is an age-old craft, but modern methods and materials have all but replaced the need for skilled craftsmen. By combining the ever increasing power of computer technology and machine processing with traditional and modern materials, MSS have come up with this unique revolutionary idea of applying writing, artwork, motifs and graphics of an unlimited design to the above substrates.

Our "picture paving" incorporates signs, lettering and pictures, highlighted with durable colouring compounds. They can be put in pathways, steps, walls, children's playgrounds, roads, shopping centres, garage forecourts, and public buildings, in fact anywhere. MSS have carried out extensive work for:
  • Marshalls Mono
  • Local and National Government Authorities
  • Artists
  • Major Building/Construction Companies
  • Product Suppliers and Wholesalers
  • Aggregate Industries (Charcon)
  • Architects
  • Graphic Designers
  • Heritage and Social Societies
  • And Many more
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