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Step Edge Demarcation Current Building Regulations specify that all public, office, commercial and industrial steps and stairs, whether concrete, stone, steel, wood or carpet, must have a step edge demarcation system installed that highlights the edge of the step. These systems are readily and easily available for steel, wood and carpet stairs; but it is rather more difficult to achieve in concrete and stone, and in 99.9% of the time it must be as a secondary process before delivery to site for installation.

Here at MSS we have developed a production like process line to install these step edge demarcations into concrete and stone products, whether it is flags, kerbs or steps. The key to creating the correct step edge demarcation in concrete and stone is to use a suitable material that will both bond to the product and wear/last as good as the product. Generally speaking concrete and stone are used outside in the worst environment possible for steps, and also have heavy foot usage. Therefore, we have invested time and money trialling different products and we believe we have come up with the best solution and product to stand up to these harsh conditions and use. Our step edge demarcation Leeds process involves cutting out a channel into the product and filling this channel with a specially formulated resin, additives can be added to the resin to give different colour, appearances and finishes. We can also texture edges and faces of the product if required; this is usually appropriate on textured flags as the front edge in most cases is un-textured and needs texturing when used for steps.

Whatever your step edge demarcation requirements in concrete or stone are MSS has the answer, a sample of our work to date is highlighted below:
  • Charcon (Aggregate Industries)
  • Brett Landscaping
  • Step inserts in concrete & stone
  • Corner inserts (90 degrees)
  • Step riser inserts
  • Glow in the dark inserts
  • Marshalls Mono
  • Ruthin Precast Concrete (RPC)
  • Step inserts in wide top kerbs
  • Double & multiple inserts
  • Two face inserts
  • Anti-Slip & Reflective finishes
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